You Can Be the Difference

The Difference Starts with You

At Partners Mentoring Youth, our vision is to enrich lives and build community as leaders in youth mentoring.

Since 1978, we have been creating and supporting one-to-one mentoring relationships between positive adult role-models and youth facing challenges in their personal, social, and academic lives.

Through our community-based, school-based, and group mentoring programs, Partners Mentoring Youth serves hundreds of youth in Northern Colorado. Our mentors volunteer thousands of hours each year giving back to their community and supporting youth who are facing significant challenges in their lives.

Get Involved in Our Mission

By dedicating a year of mentoring, you can change the course of a child’s life who is facing significant challenges in their personal, social, and academic lives. We depend on the support of compassionate, caring adults to continue providing meaningful and effective mentoring services to youth facing challenges. The number of youth in need of extra support is growing, and we consistently have youth waiting for mentors.


We are always in need of positive adult role-models to volunteer as mentors. Our kids are ages 7 to 17 years old with diverse interests and needs. We create partnerships based on shared interests, common values, and logistical preferences. Partners provides volunteers with training and support, as well as inclusion in a caring and active community. Volunteer roles include:

Community Based Senior Partner

Senior Partners develop long-term relationships with their Junior Partners, including them in everyday activities in the community and sharing their life with the youth. These partnerships spend an average of three hours a week together for a minimum of one year.

School Based Senior Partner

School Based Senior Partners volunteer in schools throughout Northern Colorado to provide one-to-one mentoring services to students who need extra support in the academic setting. These Partnerships spend an average of one hour a week for a minimum of one academic year.

Nexus Activity Volunteer

Nexus Activity Volunteers help out with the monthly group activities for youth who are waiting to be matched with Senior Partners. Nexus Activity Volunteers are asked to assist with group activities 6 times per year.

“As a Senior Partner, I’ve gained a greater sense of responsibility and understanding of how my actions can change the youth I am involved with. I gained a friend who taught me more than I could ever teach myself. The better question is: what did I not gain?”
— Senior Partner

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