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Refer a Youth

Understanding the circumstances children face that put them at risk of not reaching their full potential in life is essential to making an informed recommendation to Partners Mentoring Youth. All youth must be referred by a professional in the community that knows the child’s case, most often in a counseling capacity, and can see the tell-tale signs that a child may be facing significant challenges in their personal, social, and academic lives. The most common referral agents are school counselors, private therapists, medical professionals, youth pastors, and probation officers.

We are currently accepting the following Community-Based referrals in each office:

Fort Collins

  • Not open at this time


  • Not open at this time


  • Boys age 7-17
  • Girls age 7-17

Estes Park

  • Boys age 7-17
  • Girls age 7-17

We are not currently accepting the Group referrals

Refer a Youth Process

Referral Agents complete and submit Junior Partner Referral Form

Partners Staff begins enrollment process as soon as possible; communicates with referral agent and youth’s parent/guardian

Youth, Parents/Guardian and Partners Staff meet in-person to discuss the mentoring program, youth’s needs and expectations, and complete paperwork

Junior Partner is placed in the Nexus group for waiting youth before being matched their Senior Partner

Our youth, boys and girls ages 7 to 17 years old, are wonderful children with great potential to succeed, but need a little extra support as they go through pivotal moments in their life.

When it comes to Partnerships, everyone is in it together. Mentors, referred youth, and the youth’s family must be willing to commit to a one-year Partnership in which the Junior Partner and Senior Partners spend an average of three hours a week together for a year.

It is imperative that the children and their family agree to support the growth of a trusting and positive relationship between the Junior and Senior Partner, and initiate monthly communication with their assigned program coordinator. Our program coordinators understand the complex factors that may make children less likely to transition successfully into adulthood, and serve as a supportive resource to youth and their families as they embark on the yearlong commitment.

If you are a referral agent and want to refer a youth to the Partners program, please download the applicable form below.

Fort Collins or Loveland
Shayna Kefalas, Program Manager
(970) 484-7123

Gail Shatz, Program Coordinator
(970) 378-6501

Estes Park
Kathy Whitacre, Program Coordinator
(970) 577-9348

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