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About this event:

Created by Partners Mentoring Youth

JAX Outdoor Gear (1200 N College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524)

Join us for our annual fly tying event held at JAX Outdoor Gear in Fort Collins! Glean innovative techniques as professional and experienced anglers demonstrate their skills and share tips on tying their signature flies. Some of the local experts will include Rick Takahashi, Dennis Martin, Connor Murphy, Chris Krueger, Dave Morse, and more.

You’ll also have the chance to snag a signed copy of Rick Takahashi’s new book, The Fly Tying Artist: Creative Patterns for Common Hatches.

This is a free community event with the opportunity for Friends of JAX attendees to win a FREE FLY ROD! If you aren’t currently a Friend of JAX, have no fear! You can sign up at any time, including at the event!

Posted by JAX Mercantile, Co – Outdoor Gear on Monday, December 17, 2018