Events > 2019 > February > FC - Teen Self-Care Fair

About this event:

Created by Partners Mentoring Youth

The Downtown Artery (254 Linden St., Fort Collins, CO 80524)

Located at the Downtown Artery, this event was created for teens, by teens (5 to Thrive), and is hosted by Imagine Zero and the Alliance for Suicide Prevention. This self-care fair will include a variety of activities for teens to explore ways they can express their creativity and discover tools for healthy living, stress management, and positive coping mechanisms.

This fair includes (but is not limited to): yoga, medieval longsword, meditation, qigong, art, crafts, mosaics, henna tattoos, aromatherapy, team building, gardening, herbs, nutrition, story slam, therapy dogs, free food, and cool prizes. Youth will walk away with new ideas on how to advocate for themselves and others, how to apply life skills to better manage mental health, and new ways to give back to our community.

Pre-register at for 2 extra raffle tickets and a free event T-Shirt! (You do not have to pre-register to attend!)