In honor of Partners Mentoring Youth’s 40th Anniversary, we are looking back at some incredible partnerships from the past four decades. Each month of 2018 we will feature a partnership story that embodies the impact our youth mentoring programs have on the youth and volunteers involved, as well as the community as a whole. 




First up is Jose and Mary, a Greeley-based partnership that have been matched for 27 years! They were matched when Jose was 10, and Mary was fresh out of college and seeking to give back to the community. They spent their time together doing all sorts of activities and staying very active; they went skiing and sledding, played and fished at the river, went camping, tried out bowling, attended a concert, and even entered (and won!) a halloween costume contest.

All these activities and the time they spent together helped them build trust and support. Jose felt comfortable telling Mary about the challenges he was facing and opening up to her about his life. Mary was accepting of Jose and always supportive. Their initial time together in the Partners program created a foundation for a decades long friendship that continues to this day.

Although they now live in different states, Jose and Mary speak regularly to keep in touch about their lives. As adults, they have both faced the challenges that life can bring, and they have been there for each other through their friendship. Jose is proud that he has been able to provide support and encouragement to Mary in return in recent years.

Jose was the speaker at our 2017 Be the Difference Luncheon and he had many incredible things to say about what his partnership with Mary has meant to him throughout his life. Here he shares how her positive attention helped him build confidence in himself:


Cheers to Jose and Mary and the incredible friendship they’ve built! Here’s to many more years of this partnership!