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Partners Mentoring Youth was founded in 1978 as Partners of Larimer County in response to a need that was lacking in Northern Colorado. Community leaders in the 1970s saw a dramatic increase in the number of youth offending, entering the Juvenile Justice system, and then re-offending. The District Attorney, Mayor, and other business and community leaders, seeking ways to help these youth, found the Partners model being used effectively in Denver as a youth mentoring program. This spurred the development of Partners Mentoring Youth of Larimer County as part of a larger Partners Mentoring Association (PMA).

At its start, Partners Mentoring Youth filled a desperate need in Northern Colorado—youth mentoring.  Though originally established as an intervention program for youth already involved in the court system, the Partners model has evolved over time to more of a “prevention-based” approach. Partners now focuses on the goal of understanding children who are at risk of not reaching their full potential in life, and working to serve them early on in their lives. Our program is proven with evidence-based results that shows youth who spend a year in our program have an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence, academic achievement, and ability to plan for the future.

We have expanded our services in many ways over the past 40 years. In addition to our Fort Collins office, we also have an office and staff members in Estes Park and Greeley. Additionally, we are always seeking new and innovative ways to meet the needs of local youth. We have maintained and expanded our Community Based Program in each service area, while also adding new programs. We currently partner with School Districts in Larimer and Weld Counties to provide School Based Mentoring Programs to assist youth who need more attention in the academic environment. We are also piloting a Group Mentoring Program in to better reach youth in our communities. Today, Partners Mentoring Youth is serving over 500 youth, and is the most comprehensive one-to-one youth mentoring program throughout Larimer and Weld Counties.

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