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Partnerships Continue Together Past Their First Year
Partners Mentoring Youth depends on positive adults from the community dedicating a few hours per week to volunteering with youth. We appreciate everything our volunteers give to the Partners program—hundreds of volunteers give over 15,000 hours of their time every year. In addition to their time, Senior Partners also give their support, acceptance, and encouragement to their Junior Partners.

Our volunteers are from all backgrounds, and are in all stages of life. Between our community based, school based, and activity volunteer roles, Partners Mentoring Youth strives to make our volunteer opportunities accessible to community members who want to get involved. Interested in becoming a mentor? Learn more about our volunteer roles and how to get started.


We love to share the stories of great partnerships who really made an impact on each other. One of our incredible partnerships is between Laura and Tyeisha, who have been together for 11 years. We recently asked them to reflect on their years together, and what made their relationship so meaningful and long-lasting:

You have both said that you recognized two important qualities that make the foundation of your partnership—respect & appreciation for each other. What has that looked like over the years?

Laura: In the past 11 years, our relationship has grown and changed a lot. We started out as strangers, grew into friends, became family, and created a unique bond that is hard to compare to other relationships in our lives. I believe the reason our bond is so strong is because we both have a great deal of respect and appreciation for each other. I was so lucky to be matched with Tyeisha as she always ended our time together by saying “thank you”…and still does.

I have always felt that she has appreciated me and the time we spend together, which made it easy to feel that I was making a difference. I know that not all children are able to show such appreciation, so I feel grateful that she was able to show that to me.

Tyeisha: I think we showed respect to each other by listening to each other’s opinions and trying new things for one another, even if it wouldn’t have been our top choice!

Laura showed respect to me by listening to me and accepting me for who I was and I showed respect to her by accepting when she had to say “no” to things and by not asking for too much besides her time and company.

Laura: That appreciation and respect for each other eventually allowed for a deep sense of trust to be formed, which created safety and security within our relationship.

That trust was really important to me because it allowed me to share things with Laura that I wouldn’t usually share with other people. Being able to share helped with everything—my mind, my thoughts, my emotions; it helped me to be less stressed. No matter how hard life is, you can change someone else’s—it helped me!

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