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Our Youth With Potential to Succeed
Partners Mentoring Youth is dedicated to serving youth who are facing challenges in their personal, social, and academic lives. Our organization serves boys and girls, ages 7-17, throughout Northern Colorado. We have programs to reach youth where they need support most, in the community and school settings.

While we think that mentoring is good for every child, we know that we should use our resources to those who benefit most from having an additional adult role model in their lives. Research shows that youth mentoring has the greatest impact on youth who have certain risk factors; these include living in poverty, facing substance abuse issues, undergoing mental health challenges, experiencing past victimization, having an unstable home environment, and other significant challenges.  The youth, with the full support of their guardian, voluntarily participate in the program. They are all referred by youth-serving professionals in the community. Learn more about our referral process.

2015 Community and Program Stats

In 2015, Partners Mentoring Youth served 385 youth in our mentoring programs

93% of our youth face mental health issues either themselves or within their immediate family
81% of our youth live in low income or poverty level homes
75% of our youth have been victims of some type of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence
44% of our youth were affected by substance abuse
58% of our youth lived in single parent households
100% of our youth have the potential to succeed in life
100% of our youth deserve to have a Senior Partners who invests in that potential

The youth in our program have a wide range of interests, backgrounds, and needs. Our program coordinators make very intentional matches based on shared activity interests, values, and logistical preferences. Our partnerships are very well matched, and enjoy spending time with one another. In fact, over 70% of our Junior and Senior Partners decide to continue their partnership past the first year commitment, and become alumni of our programs.

How has Partners Mentoring Youth changed your life?

  • “It has given me something to look forward to every week.”
  • “Gave me more loyalty.”
  • “I’m not so stressed anymore.”
  • “I feel I have more people to talk to.”
  • “It makes me happier.”

What have you learned from your Senior Partner?

  • “I’ve learned you can be really busy and still have fun. And that two people who are so different can still get along great.”
  • “I’ve learned to make cupcakes and how to paint masks.”
  • “She taught me to stay away from drugs and alcohol.”
  • “I’ve learned that there are still some people I can trust.”
  • “I’ve learned not to give up.”
  • Other
  • Hispanic
  • Caucasian
  • African American
Female 49%
Male 51%

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