Changing Lives.
Shaping Futures.

Our staff knows the value of youth mentoring programs and are dedicated to every child that comes through our door. We understand the risk factors that put youth in jeopardy, and do everything in our power to match our youth with a specific mentor who may be able to help. Our staff are found throughout our offices in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Estes Park.

Fort Collins


Estes Park

Board of Directors

Pat McMeekin, Chair

VP of Land Development, Partner at Hartford Homes LLC

Board Member since 02/2013


Dawn Paepke, Incoming Chair

Community Benefit and Relations Lead, Kaiser Permanente

Board Member since 02/2016


Kevin William Ward, Past Chair

Associate Attorney, Wick and Trautwein, LLC

Board Member since 07/2013


Nicholas Hoogendyk, Treasurer

Enrolled Agent, Hoogendyk and Associates

Board Member since 12/2015


Devon Beitzel, Secretary 

Client Executive, Flood and Peterson

Board Member since 12/2016

Menan Bergman, Board Member

Financial Advisor, Bank of Colorado Investment Services

Board Member since 01/2018


Julia Crawmer, Board Member

Asset Manager/Broker, Mountain-n-Plains

Board Member since 06/2012


Stephanie Dohn-Augusto, Board Member

Director of Internal Operations, Dohn Construction

Board Member since 8/2013


Jeremy Ehardt, Board Member

Commercial Lender, First National Bank

Board Member since 09/2017


Gerald (Jerry) Horvath, Board Member

Critical Accounts Manager, ORACLE

Board Member since 11/2017

Beth Hutchinson, Board Member

CEO at Tally Services, INC.

Board Member since 12/2015


Kim Johnson, Board Member

Account Manager, Verified Volunteers

Board Member since 04/2018


Mike Ketterling, Board Member

Principal, Northern Engineering

Board Member since 10/2012


Celeste Smith, Board Member

Director of Marketing, McWhinney

Board Member since 06/2012


Grace Taylor, Board Member

Senior Director, University of Colorado Health

Board Member since 07/2012

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